Realm of Water Edit

One of the Bi-Prime realms the realm of water is the home of the elderthings and their servant race the humans. Because of the unique nature of the humans, and their ability to empower other entities with worship the realm of water has been invaded many times, with the light-bearers being the most recent conqueror's creating the cage of heaven to prevent the elderthings from returning from the deeps.

The Deeps Edit

The original terrain of the realm of water till the elderthings made the islands even with the cage of heaven the water is the domain of the elderthings. The large spires of stone that hold up the islands are as old as the realm itself and is dotted with caves and homes of the elderthings. Light can not reach this deep into the water and those who find themselves here are at the whim of the elderthings.

The Islands Edit

The home of the humans, the elderthings made them when they created the humans placing them atop the spires they made their homes in, these dot the entirety of the realm of water. They are thick nearly a thousand pace from surface to where the deep begins below them.